Anonymous said: Thank you for sharing this traumatizing experience. Have the police indicated the likelihood of catching this rapist, or have there been any breaks in your case?

Everything is still pending until the DNA has been processed. I will update this blog once I have further information. For now I suppose all you can do is keep me in your prayers and take care of yourselves when you are out and about here. 


Anonymous said: thank you for sharing your story. i can't imagine it was easy but this information could help countless others. i hope everything works out for you, you will be in my thoughts.

Thank you Anon.


Anonymous said: Hi. First; my condolences for your tragic experience. My name is Ronald Dandy. I tried to write a full introduction but ran out of room. I am giving a safety seminar for women down in Gwangju ( IF the GIC approves it) and would very much like to open a dialog comparing some of the information I have with what you have learned in hopes to better prepare women for what's out there. Please contact me at fallentitan2000 at yahoo I can explain much better afterwards.

I emailed you.


Anonymous said: Are you still dealing with the police? How are they treating you since you were intoxicated? I just went through a similar situation...I wasn't even blacked out, but they were treating me like I was a criminal, even asking me to take a lie detector test to "obtain more information." I really hope you are not having the same trouble.

I’ve only been dealing with detectives and they haven’t once made me feel like I was the criminal or that I was lying. I am not sure whom you are dealing with, but the Yongsan Police station at Namyeong Station (line 1)  out of exit 1 is where I am having everything dealt with. They have a special division called the Serious Crime Unit which is in the red brick building on the 2nd floor above the door there is a sign that say Team III. You can email me at, because I finally figured out the password for more detailed information.


You Are Not Alone

My story:

I went out on a night Friday to have dinner and a few beers with close friends in Itaewon. The night was suppose to be uneventful one, but somehow we ended up having alot to drink and I unexpectedly became intoxicated. Needless to say because of circumstances that were out of my and friends control I ended up getting separated from my closest friends and while I blacked out at some bar and some scoundrel decided to take me out of a bar ( I was too drunk to even stand) and proceeded to violate me while under the influence. I have no recollection of the event itself except for one instance where I can recall myself telling the predator “stop you are hurting me”,  because I was completely non-functional in the middle of blackout. I was unaware as to what happened to me until a day later because having never had sex before, I did not know what signs to look for but I knew when I started bleeding and having a strange sore feeling and discomfort that something was wrong. Needless to say as someone that is overly educated in Sexual Health Education I did everything I was taught to do in the instance something like this would happen. I picked up my belongings and rushed to the nearest hospital alone and cried telling the staff my story and what I can remember (it wasn’t much). After comforting me and listening to my story and what I think happened action was taken. 

Where To Go: If you are raped you first instance after the shock has settled in might want to go straight to the shower to wash the filth of away, but DO NOT DO THAT! You need to go straight to the police so that they can take you to a hospital to have the DNA of the perpetrator collected from vaginal secretion cultures, clothing and saliva.  I personally, skipped the part of going to the police, because I went straight to the hospital. The hospital that I went to told me that in Seoul when these things happen (RAPE IS EXTREMELY COMMON IN KOREA BUT IS ALSO EXTREMELY UNDER REPORTED IN THE MEDIA) the place to go to is the National Police Hospital. This hospital is located on line 3 heading towards Ogeum. It’s one stop before the end of the line and the stop is called National Police Hospital. This hospital has a section that deals with sexual violence called the “One Stop Center”. You can get to the “One Stop Center” by going out of exit 1 of the National Police Hospital station and make a left walking towards a tiny bridge that takes you directly into the hospital. The hospital has an emergency room connected to it and the doctors speak enough English to help you.

How Are You “Helped”: Once in the One Stop Center inside that National Police Hospital you will have a network of people helping you. You will have detective assigned to your case who will come and question you to get your statement. If you cannot speak Korean a translator will be brought in to translate. After getting your account of what took place you will be taken into an small hospital room to be examined by the resident OB/GYN who will conduct all tests for sexually transmitted diseases and infections ,cultures will be taken to be sent to a crime lab and you will provide two urine samples. After these exams have been taken you will be given Plan B (the morning after pill), 4 antibiotic tablets to be taken at once and an antibiotic shot on the buttocks to prevent infections/diseases. This process is a bit traumatizing but needs to be done. After this you will questioned in an interrogation room which will be recorded. Police officers will be dispatched to collect the rape kit and start looking for the perpetrator. If you need to speak to councilor, because of such a traumatic experience one will be provided to you for as long as you need. Everything is kept confidential. Your school, parents, boyfriend/girlfriend shall not be contacted unless you give the staff and/or police officers permission.

How You Might Feel: You will be grateful for having such a network of people to help you, but also exhausted from the questioning and exams. Other feeling such as shock , disgust, fear, nausea, self-loathing, hate etc. I suppose will vary from person to person. Personally, I was shocked, angry, nauseous and in tears 98% of the time. Never once did I blame myself for what happened and you shouldn’t either. Rape is never the victims fault! 

How Much Will This Cost You in Medical Bills?: Everything I mentioned above is FREE. The government covers the cost. All you need to do is get yourself to this hospital.

The Outcome of My Experience: This happened to me 1 month ago so nothing is settled. I am still going to doctors visits, working with detectives to try to retrace my steps and getting all of help and support I need from the hospital staff and friends. I am extremely worried that this person might have given me HIV/Herpes/HPV, but  I won’t have peace of mine for that until 5 months from now when I would have been tested twice reaching the 6th month mark. So for now everything is pending.

If you have any questions for feel free to message me. Please, do not send any rude or unrelated questions to me. This is a serious matter and all I want to do is help anyone whom this might have happened to help themselves and put the rapist in jail cell where he/she belongs. Ignore the email in the “Ask Me Anything” section. I do not use it. please message me on here.

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